At Media Image, Inc. we are here to help you with all of your advertising needs. We are able to:


Lights. Camera. Action..

Our premium level video and motion graphics production is state of the art. Our videographers shoot in 4k (Super High Definition) allowing us to produce an end product that is second to none! We are result focused to provide killer productions to our clients. Broadcast, Online, Corporate and On Location to fit any budget.


Find Your Jingle..

Broadcast production is a game of seconds. A great jingle can elevate your business to the top, over your competition. You have a story to tell and a product to sell. And you only have thirty seconds to do it. The most successful advertisers use lyrics to grab your attention. A successful jingle will grab the attention of your listeners and remain in their memory. Nothing beats it. NOTHING!


Get Noticed!

You have no doubt heard that “Image Is Everything”. It’s been that way for years and still is. Logos that blow your mind, original custom, brilliant business cards and sales pieces get attention! Our graphic team uses state of the art design reflecting our passion for excellence and results for our clients.


Grab The Customers Attention

Did you ever wonder why many radio commercials sound the same? Why they don’t grab your attention? They are rapidly produced by most radio stations to get the job done. Rip and read! Got the feeling that they don’t care? THEY DON’T! Grab your customer’s attention in the first five seconds with our help!



Ed Zebrowski

Owner/Advertising Executive

Media Image, Inc. owner, Ed Zebrowski, aka “The Voice” is the founder of the company. With three decades of experience in media, Ed handles all aspects of advertising including marketing, research, sales and creative.

Matt Lamphere


Matt focuses on corporate, commercial and industrial projects. Commercial clients include; Media Image, Mclaren Northern Michigan, Gray Sowle & Iacco, Kewadin Casino, and Atlas Training Systems, just to name a few.

Cora Paquin


As creative director, Cora is charged with determining the best ways for Media Image, Inc. to visually represent your company’s identity and brand.

Jon Walding


Jon, our “Dr. of Mixology” currently in charge of Sound Design and Jingle Production for Media Image, Inc. His focus is within advertising, broadcast and entertainment in the area of Sound Design and “Mixology.”

Media Image is here to help you with all of your advertising needs!