Your Partners in Success

Media Image, Inc. and its related staff provide over half a century of advertising and marketing expertise in electronic and print media. From our graphic designers to our creative department for jingle production, television and radio production your business is dealing with a team that can handle any media project.

Our priority, to each and every client is to promote your business through branding, creating top of mind awareness, placing you first in the minds of your potential customers. This is accomplished by getting “inside” your business, developing a marketing plan, then utilizing a proper media mix that may involve television, radio, print, billboard, web, mobile apps and messaging. The most important thing to remember is that the media mix will be different for each business. Radio, for example may work fine for one business and fall short of expectation for another. At the same time, we realize that every business, every person has a budget that must be adhered to. Success comes with the ability to make the right decisions with regard to advertising, then implementing those decisions while staying within the budget parameters. To put it another way – we maximize the media exposure using the least possible amount of dollars.

In today’s competitive environment, there are more than ample media choices. The key is finding the ones that work before your advertising dollars are potentially wasted. Media Image finds the ones that work and, at the best possible prices available.