Jon Walding

About Jon Walding


Jon, our “Dr. of Mixology” is currently in charge of Sound Design and Jingle Production for Media Image, Inc., and serves as Creative Director for a privately held communications firm based here in the Great Lakes. His focus is within advertising, broadcast and entertainment in the area of Sound Design and “Mixology.”

Since the mid 1980s, he has served as senior mixer, music director, record producer, TV network mix engineer, jingle composer, copywriter, radio personality and sound effects specialist. Past and present clients include Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Erickson, Exxon, Texaco, McDonalds, J. Walter Thompson and hundreds more.

Spanning a 30-year career encompassing all things audio, music and voice, Jon’s vast experience and broad creative scope assures the best product for any Media Image, Inc. client, regardless of product, genre or target market.