website-camera-manThe advertising world becomes more competitive every day. Just look at the dollars that companies spend on things like Super Bowl ads. Ads that air on Super Bowl Sunday and never again. Why would a company spend literally millions in the production of the TV spot and the cost to purchase the airtime?

It’s all about the numbers. With an audience so large, the potential return on investment is huge.

Our clients are not in the same ballpark. They have limited budgets, reach a much smaller demographic, and the importance of seeing a positive return on investment is even more important.

So, how does Media Image fit into this picture?

At Media Image, we do not build “canned” or “cookie cutter” television. From the initial meeting with the client after the decision has been made to utilize television advertising, we work with each individual client to determine the audience that they need to reach, the frequency that they need to reach them and the message that must be delivered. A theme for the message is developed and our writers and videographers go to work.

The result is a carefully thought out, hard hitting, message delivering television spot or video. We produce this utilizing only Super High Definition broadcast video, delivering the finest quality to the client for their target viewing audience.